Education at Atlas

Join us for a series of online and in-person courses built for coffee profssionals, just like you.

Coffee Courses

From the outset, Atlas has endeavored to be not only a source for green coffee but a knowledgeable resource. We see our customers’ success as our success and we support this by offering a variety of classes and events for coffee people. We endeavor to create a welcoming space for fellow learners seeking to satisfy a persistent curiosity about coffee. We offer content to assist learners at every level to acquire and refine coffee knowledge and skills.

Our Facility

We are currently offering both on-line and in-person courses in our Seattle lab, which has been designed according to SCA standards and built expressly to facilitate educational events like the Q course in an efficient, comfortable, and enriching manner. The small class size and approachable delivery make this an excellent venue for CQI, SCA, and Atlas Classes.

Upcoming Courses

  • Q Arabica Grader Course, March 3rd - 8th, 2025
    many glasses of coffee on trays ready to be graded
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